Aristotle and Childhood

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There should be an adaptation of the RE: Childhood Collaboration by RegularJoe with the premise that human moral sentiment as a child is inherently good, but as we grow within our environments, with its social statuses, religions, education systems, patriotisms and so on, it transforms us into a society of separatism in which everyone believes their version of morality is the true way to live. This is also apparent on a global scale.

I imagine the episode starting out with reflections of universal childhood experiences that can relate to every viewer, which would be put together by the HitRecord community contributions. There would have to be fantastic cinematography, deep philosophy, art reflecting the expressions of a child, etc. which would take the viewer back to the very same emotions of childhood bliss. This would be the hook.

Then it would move into the slow degradation of that bliss due to aforementioned factors, or really anything that consumes the time of adulthood and cripples us from the ability to maintain that innate and universal moral sentiment that should unite us on a worldwide scale. This would be the antagonistic degradation of the hook which would give the viewer a reason to continue watching in order to witness the climax of the episode.

And finally, there should be a call to action. Not on a political level, but one directed toward the community, from the community! HitRecord and its unique community involvement can really drive home this point as it represents a coming together of the minds of people who want to create something great collaboratively, not unlike the point of the episode structure I have outlined here.

Aristotle once stated: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” I believe this is where society lost its ability to find the path back to its innate moral sentiment. We invalidate other human being’s views through the test of an established set of rules of our own, put in place by our upbringing. But in doing so we obliterate the possibility of growth and understanding by our knee jerk reactions to an idea/thought that doesn’t fit our cookie cutter matrix of rules. We need a call to action for all mankind to adopt Aristotle’s mindset and to break the debilitating chains of a society without the moral predisposition of a child.

Created: Mar 09, 2014

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