Coverup: A 10min Writing Challenge

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Underneath her clothes, Tracy wore a secret. She looked normal, held a normal job, had normal friends. She smiled a lot and made small talk. She read books and dated guys, kind of a lot of them. Relationships, at least really intimate ones, were tough, though. Actually, lots of things were pretty complicated for Tracy. These things included, among others, beach trips, massages, doctor’s appointments, saunas, any locker rooms and, worst of all, formal dresses. In fact, Tracy’s secret was actually two secrets. Under her clothing, Tracy concealed a perfect and beautifully-formed pair of wings.

They were about two feet in length and made of the softest feathers in a lovely shade of icy sweetest lilac. When leaving her home, Tracy wore her wings carefully folded between her shoulder blades so that she could gently and firmly bind them with the kind of elastic bandages mostly used to wrap injured ankles and knees. Over this, she layered fitted tank tops, a loose button-up shirt, and then a bulky sweater or jacket.


**The more I think about this idea, the more I think it will be fun to develop it. Like, I want her to be born with the wings and her mother will reject her because she can't handle it, so she'll be raised by this woman who warns her never to reveal the wings or risk harm. I want Tracy, though I'd certainly change her name, to have sort of bird-like qualities, delicate features with a slightly more prominent nose, a slim physique, and quick, deft mannerisms, etc. Also I want her to date a guy and be really worried about concealing the wings, but be somehow discovered and then find out that he has a fish tail or something. 

Created: Mar 09, 2014

Tags: 10min writing challenge, prose, underneath

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