Pandy (a poem for my daughter)

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(a poem I wrote for my daughter when she lost...then found...her favorite stuffed animal...many years ago)

Oh how the little girl cried When she lost her stuffed panda Her tears filled the house inside and she floated out on the veranda.

Soon her tears a river made and the little girl fell straight in "I want my Pandy, for goodness sake!" So her great journey did begin.

She grabbed a ride on a river porpoise Then headed out to sea She passed islands and great ships “I want my Pandy! I want my Pandy!”

She washed ashore near a bamboo forest So walking she did begin Deep into the dark dank jungle Searching for her lost loved friend.

Lions and tigers, bears and elephants So many creatures she did see Then she saw a pterodactyl Carrying Pandy in its beak!

“Drop my Pandy!” the girl did shout “He’s mine, you big bad bird!” The pterodactyl, it did mind her The scariest voice it had ever heard.

Down, down, down came her Pandy Falling fast and oh so furious Guess what happened next? I’m guessing you’re quite curious?

The little girl caught her Pandy And their journey home they did begin Along the way they found some candy That she shared with her best friend.

The End


Created: Mar 09, 2014


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