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Prompt: Pothead in a Mythological place attempting an assassination on a high profile person get’s botched.

“Gimme d’light!” Priel said to Aisea as they sat above the beacon guns loaded and aimed towards Dr. Ace Tesch, the man single handedly responsible for the Doom Virus, which poisoned half the Atlan population killing a third of it’s victims while the thousands of the survivors bare hideous mutations beyond all recognition. “Dude, I can’t find it” Aisea responded, “I think you have it, never mind the green bro just shoot that bitch and let’s dip!” “ Easy buddy this kind of thing takes precision” said Priel “One false move and I could end up killing the wrong person, this mother fucker just won’t sit still. “ “Ugh where’s Tadgh when you need him?” Tadgh said teleporting out of nowhere “Blam!” the gun goes off “Goddamnit Tadgh!!” Priel exclaims. “You ass you ruined my shot! I almost had him by this much!!!” furiously Priel grabs his gun and looks to see if he got him “Oh shit dude we fucked up bad” he turns around to look at his partners “I shot a kid! Tadgh teleport us out of here now!” manically yelling catching the attention of the good old doctor who is rapidly flying from the castle approaching the three young Eco Terrorist sitting conspicuously on the beacon in the violet sea. “Hey you bastards stay right where you are! You are under arrest for killing Prince Eros IV!” Tesch shouted.

Created: Mar 09, 2014

Tags: sci-fi, prompt, creator own characters, fiction, short story, theme, story

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