Little Jack's Little Town

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When Little Jack woke up, he didn't see the hills from his house
Where he was lying, his house looked like a mouse

He started crying because he didn't know what was happening
And the ground shook because of his rumbling

The good chaps and the ladies of the town came out to see
Jack looked at the terrified people who seemed no smaller than a bee

The town people started screaming, 'Monster! Monster!'
They caught hold of the police whi asked Jack, 'What is your name mister?'

He said his name was 'Jack' and he didn't know what was going on
The police chief thought he would sleep if someone sang him a song

Two months passed by, Little Jack lived in a cave off the shore in the town.
Bored and missing his mother, the other town children laughed at him like was some clown

And then one fateful day, the ground beneath him shook a little
The town people started blaming Little Jack who's heart became so brittle

Being so tall, he knew what was coming from the far end of the ocean
He slowly crawled to the town to warn them of this horrible legion.

A water dragon descended upon the town to eat the young ones
But, Jack fought tooth and nail and with his hands that weighed several tonnes

Jack kicked the dragon in the gut, who exploded into water that flooded the whole town
And then, Little Jack was deserving of more than a crown

For he had saved the good people and the town
Nobody ever laughed at him like he was a clown.

Created: Mar 09, 2014

Tags: poetry, poem

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