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Here's something I don't get. When people don't like something, the way they react tends to baffles me. Whenever someone sees or hears of something they don't like, they tend to react towards the "the world would be better off without it" train of thought. Thing is, if everytime someone said that the thing they speak of disappeared, then we'd have nothing left in the world. Because we're all different people with different likes and dislikes. . Now I'm not grouping the whole world into this but it has been my observation of the people in this world that they tend to speak without thinking about how their words affect the things around them. Parents speaking negatively about something infront of their children plants seeds of intolerance and hate. teachers who punish students for correcting them raises a generation either too scared to speak their minds or too outspoken for society to accept. And all those in between are the ones who judge the spectrum's extremes. 

Created: Mar 09, 2014


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