Jane, The Wanderer Series

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This is Jane. (1)
She is something of a dreamer.
Jane always imagines herself to live in another time. Any time really, just so long as it was not today.

She has conjured up a life for herself during an age when the world marveled at its own creations. When great scientist brought reason to the poor hungry masses desperate for knowledge, and she was a Steampunk kid, of the highest order. Never just some poor girl caught in the rain (2) but a damsel of a bygone age, trapped in a modern moment. At least...That's who she's always imagined herself to be. Her life couldn't possibly be as dull as the one she was forced to live every day. (3)

She must have once been the daughter of a Queen. (4) A Queen who was placed in an enchanted sleep as Jane was dragged away in the night. Perhaps her real mother is still looking for her... That seems like a fine mystery to explore. Who was this beast who dragged her away? Why couldn't she remember? Had she been brainwash? Her memory been erased? Questions, questions, questions..who was Jane really? But one thing was for certain: How wonderful her dreams.

Was she the missing daughter of an enchanted Queen? Or perhaps she had died! (4) Just slipped away one night while resting in her favorite chair by candle light. Her own candle simply snuffed, and her life floated away, only God knows where she has gone. Drifted away on a moonbeam, never to see the light of day again. No...that is a tired tale...it's already been done. It must have been on an astral projectionist quest. Her supernatural gifts having driven her to explore divinity in order to protect humanity.
...if they ask nicely.

But like we said before, Jane is something of a dreamer. Although...there is something you should know. Sometimes the title of dreamer is not always fun. There can be a little known price to be paid for those who's imaginations are always on the run... (5)
Where are the breaks on this crazy machinery of the imaginary? How do we stop them when they've gotten out of control? When these vivid dreams turn wild or dangerous it can feel like there is no escape. What a terrible fate, to lie there and wait, while this things crawls like a beast with too many legs from the dark places in your room, and you never to know...until it's too late.

Jane... (9) To be continued

Created: Mar 09, 2014

Tags: short film

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