Contradiction is the human condition.

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Is it even a wonder how far one can blunder.

Blind to blight, deaf to sorrow. All is mute save for selfish musings.

A flare for passion and dwindling resentment.

The love of betrayal. The human condition, contradiction.

Lie, cheat, steal and deny.

We tell more lies to ourselves than leaves our lips.

We cheat ourselves when we cheat others.

We lose ourselves when we steal from others.

Deny the lies, cheating and all you have stolen and you have denied your whole existence.

Now tell me you have never done these things and I will tell you.

You are not human.

Yet to be truly human is to learn what is instinct, survival and what is simply selfishness.

Created: Mar 09, 2014

Tags: satire, poetry, free-verse

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