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verse 1 - it's not that they ever choose someone else,

              it's that they choose themselves,

               they're the generation,

              that created instant gratification.

              live in the moment anyhow,

              cause you can't feel tomorrow's feelings, now,

              shout i want better fro you,

              utter because it better's me,

              carry on my name,

              as if it means something.


chorus - trust the sun cause you see it everyday,

             why would the sun treat me this way.

             oh let the sun guide you,

             why guide me to the moon,

             the sun is always back too soon, 

             the worse thing i could ever do,

             is watch the sun go boom.


Verse 2 - they say life is full of choices,

               you can save that but you have to destroy this.

               you can become me or them,

               but it's a choice that never ends.

               so i'll give you the world,

               but the deal is, i come with it,

               so what do you choose?

               a world full of opportunites 

               that are yours to lose,

               or a place where you can never bruise.



Midbit - Be grateful, be grateful,

            thats all i ever hear.

            be grateful for an explosive sphere

            smile at the world,

            be grateful the sun doesn't disappear,

            i'm just grateful,

            the sun is never that near.


Created: Mar 08, 2014

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