one night standettes - song lyrics

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Verse 1 -  I met you just the one time,

                just the one night,

                it's better to be used once,

                than to drag it out right?


                holding out for a pink pen experience,

                now you know the then ten men,

                but just for one night,

                it was special right?


Chorus -  it's something you'll never forget,

              back of your mind cold sweat,

              a fever the sun sets,

              i'll be the best you ever met,

              cause beauty never regrets,

              oh the one night standettes.


Verse 2 - You say lets plan today,

               i say why hinder tomorrow, 

               one moment of perfection in a night,

                wouldn't you want that right?


                you know i made a difference,

                you know i left a mark,

                 even with the lights off ,

                you can still see it in the dark.


midbit - so let two souls come together,

             nothing feels better,

             why ruin it with,

             a sentimental gesture,

             it means nothing compared to this pleasure,

             oh baby, what's your endeaver?

Created: Mar 08, 2014

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