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New collaboration project ideaWhen I was a kid...

Most of my family members' best stories start off with this opening line, and we tell them a lot. The stark contrast of my childhood experience and theirs is that makes a "when I was kid..." story fascinating to me. I would love a collaboration that explored this idea.

It could be about the nostalgia humans have for the past or the awkwardness of growning up (that moment I realized I was taller than every boy in my class during third grade just popped in my mind). We could write about historical events that were happening around us, or events that changed how we saw the world. Contributors could post pictures from when they were kids and others could imagine the stories behind them or fabricate "what happened nexts" and "where are they nows."

And it doesn't have to be completely true. Counter to the present looking at the past, a record from the perspective of a person from the future viewing our present time with the "when I was a kid..." lens is also valid.

I feel there are a lot of options for where the concept could go based on how an individual experienced/remembers childhood, the artifacts contributors have, and their imaginative minds.

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Created: Mar 08, 2014

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