Random Xylophone Field Recording

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So back in January, I was at a little gathering in Cardiff, and at one point during the day we all went into this bookshop (one of many that we went into, because the gathering was of the BookTuber variety). I was recording video at the time for the video that I would later make about the day (N.B. - I'm still editing the damn thing at the time of writing this.), and during this time of recording, me and a fellow gatherer happened to pass right by someone who was randomly playing on a xylophone.

About 13 seconds into this is where you'll find the most tuneful bit of said selfsame random playing.

Whether this'll be useful to anyone, I have no clue. But still, here it is, just in case...


Created: Mar 08, 2014

Tags: field recording, random, xylophone

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