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11/11/09 a renewed hitRECord is coming. Here's who's making it happen. [[proof we need a new website: broken remarks thread?]]

As you might have already heard, hitRECord is about to take a big step forward. On 11/11, we shed our rag-tag hobby and become a full fledged hybrid collaborative production company. We'll be going online with our new top-notch website version 4. And I'll kick off my weekly video, called "The REGULARITY" which will gather us all up, and keep us working in a unified direction.

The REGULARITY Is Near #1 was the introduction to this news. I'm about to get started making The REGULARITY Is Near #3 where I'll get into the nuts and bolts of how this whole thing's gonna work. That'll complete The REGULARITY Is Near trilogy, oh boy a trilogy!

This video, #2 in the series, is about us. As the Teafearie says, quoting her friend Mark Pesce: "PEOPLE ARE THE NETWORK." I'm a firm believer that any human endeavor comes down to the humans involved. So who are the humans involved in hitRECord?

Well, there's me. There's my brother dan who's been doing this with me since the beginning back in 2005. And for the past year, I've been working with four friends of mine getting ready for what we're about to start doing come 11/11.

Jared helps me think everything through and actually make it happen. Marke designs and drafts the visual aesthetic. Luke handles the coding and computing. And Ronen is our resident internaut extraordinaire.

Last but not leastly, in fact, maybe mostly... there's YOU. Anyone who wants to hop on board and contribute is welcome. You can start by remixing yourself into this video. Here's the collaboration page to do so.
It's also a link below in the Resources box.
This'll all be a bit better organized with the new website :D

11/11 is less than three weeks away. The REGULARITY Is indeed very Near...


Created: Oct 24, 2009

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