Season 2 Concept: Episodic Shorts

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What if in every episode of Season 2 of HitRECord on TV, we had in the episode a short video that is one of a number of shorts that are a continuation of each other? Essentially a show within a show. Probably a few minutes in length. It would fit right in, even if the episodic shorts aren't necessarily linked to the theme of the overall episode.

You could have it be comedic, with the same characters, each time in new, funny scenarios. Or it could be a mystery, with a cliffhanger, each segment revealing a new discovery. Either way, it'll make people look forward even more to the next episode.

Let's brainstorm some concepts! I think this could be a really cool addition to an already awesome show!

Created: Mar 07, 2014

Tags: comedy, tv, episodic, story, thriller, hitrecord, mystery, request, intrigue, on, season, short, 2, segment

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