Are You RECording? Moments in between creative streaks.

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I've come to realize that since I started college, I've become more of an introverted, reserved, quiet person. Of course I still have my days of being a social butterfly and love going to parties and reunions, but now even the thought of reading in bed on a Friday night soothes me. Throughout this intimate yet flourishing change (and great thanks to HitRECord for being an artistic humble abode at this time), I have experienced creativity streaks and exercises that have encouraged me to develop my crafts. And without further ado, in tribute to JerzyJung's wonderful collab, I'd love to share some enlightening exercises.

Du matin

1. Immediately after waking up, stay still in bed for a minute. Then get up and write out a dream in full detail, grasping every scene in a filmic way.

2. Lay in bed for five minutes, and ask to yourself: "What will today bring? How will today be different from yesterday?"

3. Read a chapter from a classic, a poem, a diary. Capture the most beautiful sentence you've read and learn how to translate it into a language you've always wanted to learn.

4. Watch a scene from your favorite film or of your favorite actor/actress. Something about the monologue, the presence, it reaches out to you. Grasp the character and recall the words.


1. Write out in a journal in the best spot in the house. The garden with roses, the backyard with sunshine streaming through, the bookshelf in your bedroom.

2. People- watch when traveling, running, walking, commuting. Turn off the ipod, radio, or phone. And look around at the hundreds of stories unraveling around you.

3. Observe the little things in big spaces: the intricate tiled floors, the painted walls, the cafe lighting. Atmosphere creates mood, mood stimulates atmosphere.

4. Stand outside and watch the sunset. You might spot the first stars you see tonight. Notice how the clouds change like a spherical canvas above you.

Ce soir

1. Stand outside and watch the stars. The constellations, the clouds, the colors- they will never be exactly the same again, according to the date, time, and moment you are in now.

2. Stroll down your favorite street and look at the lights around you. The numerous neon signs, the luminous light bulbs, the lone lampost- they illuminate in different ways but all for the same reason.

3. Listen to a film score that brings you to another setting. While writing, reading, sitting, sleeping- it stimulates a different sense of energy in the moment, and brings new pictures to mind.

4. Before falling asleep, lay still in bed and ask yourself: "How will tomorrow be different?" "What else can I do?"

Created: Mar 07, 2014

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