The City Swallowed (lyrics)

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I was born in the Midwest
     and I've never left home
no matter the names
     of the coasts I roam.
The landlocked seas
     and the old growth trees
keep their wind and shade
     wrapped tight around me.

In dirty holes
     I sang for drunks
looking for a fight
     to test their luck
but I'd make them smile
     and they'd stay clean,
hittin' nothing but their livers
     with the cheapest drink.

On hard black roads
     I gave false names,
entertainin' pretty women
     with outrageous claims.
Not a'one believed me
     but none could say
how a kid my age
     could play that way.


The city-
The city-
It coughed me up
     trying to chew my bones.

All the souls it'd eaten
     though I couldn't feel mine,
the city knelt before me
     like a mountain to time.


In towers glowing black
     and smoking white
I was introduced
     to the queen of that night.
I asked her name,
     she sneered 'you decide.'
She kissed my agent
     and clung to my side.


I awoke with her
     slicked slack cat
diggin his claws
     in the small of my back.
I was face down
     on a hotel floor.
Scribes in suits
     were chanting from the door

Tell us
Tell us
Tell us more.
Show us where it really hurts.

     The last night's queen
was coughing on the curb,
spitting her lungs
     into her diamond purse.


     The city at my feet,
I only wanted one thing-
     to hide my head
     between my knees.
My wrists were pulled from my pockets
     by golden strings
and I was danced
     through overflowing streets.

I stopped reading the papers
     so they could believe
I didn't care anymore,
      so they wouldn't ask me
           how to talk,
           who to save-
           I'm just walking
           with the shade.

Created: Mar 07, 2014

Tags: american, lyrics, metered, story, poetry

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