Season1 Review and Thoughts

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HRonTV Format: Now that I've been able to see a majority of episodes for hitRECordonTV, I wanted to voice my opinion on a few things. I'd like to start by saying thanks to HQ for setting up a way for contributing artists to see the show. It's really appreciated.

As episodes aired I read many HRer's thoughts on the show's format, and I stated my thoughts here and there. My honest opinion is that the show works. Some stated thoughts that it might be too "host heavy", but I disagree (though I respect those opinions). All the dialogue between each segment helps everything flow seamlessly. Also having Joe shed some light on how everything is made is great. As a pre-production junkie I really appreciate and enjoy that; even if I weren't a HRer, I'd watch for that reason alone.

I think it's important to remember that there are viewers out there who aren't familiar with HR, so all those introductions and explanations are important. Otherwise it'd just be "Here's a clip. Here's a clip. Here's a clip. And that's the show!" To us it might seem a little obvious or repetitive, but there are viewers out there who are seeing it for the first time. So as long as it's fresh to them, I think it works.

Now for some constrictive criticism; maybe certain introductions go too long before a segment. It might be worth thinking about saving certain details for after it has played out. I know I'm the type of person that likes to pull back the curtain after I've seen the show. Then again, I realize this suggestion could interrupt the flow rather than help it. Still, something to think about. 

Pawel Skrzek (aka skriks) and others have also mentioned the idea of extending the show's time to one hour, and I agree. I realize that's not up to HQ, but hopefully if enough people say it, it could happen.

Methodology and Credits: I don't really have anything new to say about how collaborations are made. Andrew Keeble (aka andyramone) mentioned his thoughts on how animations can be improved, and I agree with his ideas. He said it better than I can, so I suggest reading the record here.

Eric Tortora Pato (aka epocadofim) also made a suggestion about crediting, and I feel it's a good idea. Read all about it here.

Profits: Anah (aka anybarra83) made a comment on this profit proposal that I found interesting. She asked how prop illustration numbers get decided, and then suggested making those images have equal percentages. Simply put, I agree.


I didn't want to keep this long, so I hope I made everything clear. Thanks for reading!


Created: Mar 07, 2014


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