Blinded by my sight - song lyrics

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Verse 1 - Sometimes i just like a song for it's title,

               but i don't like the beat,

               I like the witty words,

               But i don't like the way i tap my feet.

               endeared in so many ways,

               but i don't want to hold your gaze.

               Cut the cord from this phase,

               it's just another one of those days.


Chorus - i see her bright lights burning,

             spinning disconcerning,

             as she slowly fades away.

             i can meet you for an hour,

             every april needs it's shower,

             why am i wired this way?

             But i see her bright lights everyday.


Verse 2 - I like rainy days,

               but i dont want to be in them.

               i like gold,

               but not for the held gem.

               i see whats on offer,

               but i dont want the sale,

               disregard your beauty,

               there are no legs for this tail,

               it's just a safe set to fail.


Midbit - I see the beauty around me,

            i see everything there is,

            but i never see inside,

             what it's like to really live.

             I only ever see,

             our last kiss. 

Created: Mar 07, 2014

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