14 and strong!

By 1995actress

so young and wanting to fufill her dreams
but does anyone notice?
notice how she has matured before their eyes
maybe the have this perception of her;

"shes just a young girl she dosent know wat she wants."

I say their full of crap!
who says i can't follow my dreams?
or better yet, chase them! i'll chase my dreams like its the last game of tag ill ever play!
then they ask u....

"What do you wanna be when you get older?"

i say, "i want to be an actress."
but why the hell do i have to wait..I WON'T!
when you have a passion for something you don't wait for it to come , you run after it!

By:victoia cardenas(1995actress)

"By the way i wrote this poem because acting is becoming more of my passion everyday and im only 14 but its not too early to control my destiny!" -vicky

14 and strong!

Created: Aug 13, 2010


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