Sirens, misfits in the night (prompt #1)

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As the grown man is laying down in his bed, staring at the ceiling, he listens carefully

To the sounds outside

To the silence around him

To the miniscule conversations in the hallway

Until the noises continue to get louder

The police sirens outside progress 

The man's eyes start to close, as these sounds lull him to sleep


The door slams immediatley waking him up

The rustle and bustle keeps him up

"I am so sick and tired --" as a police officer throws the boys into a cell

"of dealing with this juvenile shit."

"Fucking misfits man."


The man starts to tear up, saying to himself

I wish I wasn't a misfit back then

It's been 50 years and nothing has changed

His gray streaked hair hits the pillow as he falls sound asleep

Created: Mar 07, 2014


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