Scenes from a Fictional Film (REQUEST)

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CALLING ALL WRITERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, ANIMATORS, & MUSICIANS: Let's make more scenes from a fictional film!  Check out catamaranwestern's "Scenes from a Fictional Film" collab and contribute writing, photos, animation + audio!



WRITERS: Find cool photos on the site and add short subtitles, dialogue, voice-over, or narration.

PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Contribute evocative photos that are in need of text.

ANIMATORS: Make these still photos come to life by adding subtle motion to the frame.

MUSICIANS: Create audio for these animations.


Thanks again <3


Created: Mar 06, 2014

Tags: dialouge, hitrecord on tv, regularjoe, audio, motion, season 2, writers, photos, scenes from a fictional film, background, marke, request, musicians, narration, catamaranwestern, hitrecord, animators, voice over, score

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