By Lyssia

2 college students casually walking the campus get caught up in someone else's zombie chase, and it turns for the worst. Oh no!
~Well, the production was my 1st, and though all of my crew showed up, none of my zombies did. So we ended up having to go around USF asking strangers to play as zombies. hahaha. Eventually we got a few, and to compensate, I had some of my crew act as zombies to make it look like a lot. In the end, it did not totally come out the way I wanted it (i was hoping for a mob of zombies) but it still came out very successful, and I am proud of it. I used my camera (Canon FS200 Camcorder) and imovie to edit.


Created: Aug 13, 2010

Tags: college, zombie, run, blood, scary, zombies, crazy, chase

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