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I would really love the ability to message people directly. This is something I've found to be a big drawback in ever since I found my way here. A lot of people have noted that it's pretty hard for people to communicate directly, and jared pointed out that this was part of the reason why things went the way they did in season 1: time and the ability to quickly get in touch with the right people put certain constraints on everybody.

It could even work like the messages on tumblr do (aka you can turn it on or off yourself whether you want people to be able to message you directly or not. For example I could understand why Joe might not want to have it on). 

Being able to talk to someone is really important for building relationships, especially online. And I feel that it would help in finding people to collaborate with. 

Created: Mar 06, 2014

Tags: idea, suggestion, messaging, site feature

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