The Prize (lyrics in search of a melody)

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They used to watch us dance
We would drift among the throng
Too young to know romance
Or love’s right and wrong
Head on my shoulder/heart in your hands
As the band played on and on.

The dancehall is now spinning
And the crowd, it disappears
The picture time is painting
Well, it’s getting all too clear
I thought we shared a true love
But it was never truly real

We dance away the heartaches
We drink away the pain
But I’m still not understanding
Why lovers play the game

You whisper soft the promises
Then you follow up with lies
And no one is a winner
When a broken heart’s the prize.

Seems everyone’s a player
In love’s cruel cheating game
And once the score is settled
It will never be the same.

So darling, please forgive me
Let the sentence fit the crime
You can dance away the heartache
With someone else this time
I’m moving on without you
With this broken heart of mine

You dance away the heartache
You cry away the pain
I still don’t understand
Why this lover played the game

I no longer hear the promises
I can only hear the lies
Now I’m the world’s biggest loser
With a broken heart my prize.


Created: Mar 06, 2014


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