The Sun Didn't Shine (lyrics in search of a melody)

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You left me today and I can’t really blame you
Your love has been gone for quite a long time
Loneliness took its place, the grief overcame you
But the mercy you’ve shown, well it eases my mind.

The remains are still here and they need to be buried
Words must be said to lay them to rest
So darling come back, if just for a little while
I’ll cry, then I’ll tell you, that you were the best.

When I look out our window, I see nothing but gray skies
No hope for the future, no relief from past
Where are the sweet words that you whispered so softly?
Where is the true love that you promised would last?

Because today:
The sun didn’t shine, and the memories stopped flowing
With the taste of the sweet wine, came relief from the knowing
But tomorrow will come and the pain will start growing
I’ll look out our window and the world will be showing
Another sad day
When the sun didn’t shine.
My heart has grown tired, my mind has grown weary
Life has no meaning now that you’re gone
Lost in the heartaches, the world has gone dreary
But a new day will come, and life will go on.

Another day when:
The sun didn’t shine and the rivers stopped flowing,
The mountains fell down, and the green grass stopped growing
And if tomorrow should come, the wind will stop blowing
I’ll look out our window and the world will be showing
Another dark day
When the sun didn’t shine.


Created: Mar 06, 2014


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