Happy New Year (on a Mid-March Day)

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Happy new year,
it's March but it seems
like it's time
to make new resolutions.
So today
I'm proclaiming
it's the first day
of the rest of my life,
to use an old cliche.
I'm learning so much
about myself,
what I'm capable of.
I'm not letting
all those little stresses
that used to make
me feel like
my brain was trying
to swell and break open
my skull
get to me anymore.
Close my eyes.
I see your face there,
waiting for me
in the darkness
of my mind.
Let this moment
of tension
slip away
into the blankness.
My restlessness
has been cured
and I hope
it's not temporary.
The skies look
like ponds of blue
and the sun
is shining,
warming all those
inner most places
that, for awhile,
felt so cold.
I feel
my gears changing,
when for so long
I was stuck
in survival mode.
Clinging tightly
to the past,
to jump into
the chasm
of change.
I didn't have to jump,
because I fell
for you.
You offered me
the chasmic chance
to realize
that I must
have done something
right sometime
to deserve
such joy.

Created: Mar 06, 2014


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