lock and key

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I don't understand your pop culture references

You get serious too quickly

You take nothing seriously

You rearrange your manhood in public

You pick your nose

        You try to pick my nose

You wear earplugs to bed

You make me cry. You make me feel unworthy. You call me names.

But then YOU came along, and held the lock which my key fit into perfectly I didn't need to force it in, or close my eyes and hope it would work it just did and in one go.

It just did.

And when it unlocked, as it intended to, there was all this open space. Waiting to be discovered. A space where the only name you called me was beautiful. Where you showed me my worth. Where, when I cried you caught every tear and threw it up into the sky causing rain to fall, at the end there was a rainbow. The only thing you picked was my brain and I, yours. A space you made ours, yet gave me a chance to roam on my own. Where we'd laugh for hours about things that didn't make sense to other people or even to us.

You came along, and held the lock which my key fit, perfectly.

Created: Mar 05, 2014


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