Single Leaf Falls

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The tree grows and on the tree is a leaf

The leaf is content to grow in the love and shelter

Feeding off the tree, giving the tree life

The leaf lives its whole happy life

Something happens; something changes

The leaf feels a bit cut off, something is wrong

An anger comes over the leaf

How can you take that away

How can you leave me alone

The leafs anger forces its way to the surface

The anger beats red in it's veins

The anger begins to turn to an ugly brown despair

A suffocation begins

Its connection to this life it has known becomes tenuous

The leaf feels a falling sensation

Will it recover, will it live, can it regain its grip on reality

A slow decent into an unknown underworld

Falling with no control over where it lands

No control over what it does

It falls; catches a deceptively gentle landing

A river of hope... No, a river of despair

The swirling waters take hold of the gentle leaf

Forcing this lonely traveler at the end of its rope

No choice now in its life

No hope of escaping the currents

Will it flow to the endless hopeless sea

Or drown in the muck never to shine again

Can it hope or dream

Can it create a world out of this chaos

The future looks grim; the prospects hazy

Away, Away, Away

A single leaf falls



New chapter the leaf falls to the muck

It sits alone in despair

Silt covers it until it is seen no more

No air to surround it

No light of day touches it

It waits in the silent cold darkness

The pressure of its wait begins to build from the outside in

The passage of time frozen in the blink of an eye

Centuries pass, millennia even seem to disappear

A sound, sharp and loud

A shiver, a crack, a light bright as can be

Finally a rebirth

To a place where the past is not only remembered, appreciated

A leaf to tell the tale of a long dead tree

A long time past, miles and miles up stream

A single leaf fell

Created: Mar 05, 2014

Tags: despair, death, use, life, change, poetry, need, nature, purpose, tree, loneliness, re-birth, eons, reason, remember, single, hope, leaf, time, stem, alone

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