"Deep Thoughts…" (Jack's point of view)

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a poem inspired from William Golding's book "Lord of the Flies"


Stranded stranded on an island
Ever so wrong that it feels right to be here
Far from society…
Lost in one's insanity…

For once this place is paradise
Yet at the same time - a place of grief, sadness, and fear
The gathering started at the sound of a shell
But then everything soon becomes nothing more than living hell…

After seeing all, my sense of fun returned
Now I can live once again!

Yet my nemesis stands in my way
Gaining all the authority I could've had
But with the beast still out there
I was able to gain control
Little by little, I soon took all!

Making them believe that my way was the right way
Thus, making my savage ways law over the island
But will we ever get off this island?
Who knows?
Maybe not ever, but I don't care
Just as long as I can have my fun
My rule strong under the sun!

Soon though, everything comes to an end
We were rescued

On that island, on that little paradise of mine
We left behind two souls
One I murdered with my own hands
The other of a man of which I couldn't stand,
Eversince the first day we met on that island…

Created: Mar 05, 2014

Tags: poetry, fiction, dialogue

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