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Who will stay the same?

Nothing ventured nothing gained.
I never gained cause i refused to venture.
I leave my soul to think of life,
And wonder why, no matter what i do, nothing feels right.
I say hello to people i know,
But inside i just want to go home.
I see someones halo and i think il be alright,
But then i realize the halo was fake, it was all a lie.
Why am i so nieve?
Why could i just leave,
This earth the first time i truly tried?
“you were meant to be here for something better.”
Im still searching for my meaning, still searching for a true love letter.
But one day itll come.
One day everything will change?
But i want to know,
*If everything will change, who will stay the same?

Created: Mar 04, 2014

Tags: poetry

JessimarCruz Document Media