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Hey everyone, J-Mart here,

Several months ago I was listening to the beatles Album: Abbey Road. My favorite album! Ever. I realised that the album was a story and started to see the big picture of the residents of Abbey Road. Mind you this is not really the reason the Beatles made Abbey Road, just my fun interpretation. And it got me thinking what do you hear from Beatles tunes and albums, what speaks to you? I'll show you what I mean:

It begins with an introduction like no other. Come together: a song introducing a leader, Maxwell. Now Maxwell has a girl that he loves; Something. Like many relationships it goes awry: Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Now because of his terrible hammer, Maxwell is truly sorry: Oh! Darling. Now Maxwell wishes to be with his love away from this world in an Octopus' Garden. "God, I want you (she's so heavy)" she being the world. But fret not! because Here Comes the sun, do dum do do. Why must this happen? Well, simply Because. And the Medley is a story all her own "and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make."


Its a stretch maybe but It was fun to come up with and just think about really. :) Maybe you guys can come up with better ones.


Created: Mar 04, 2014

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