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This is how we propose to split up the profits for Act 1 of the RE: GAMES episode of HITRECORD ON TV.

Join in the discussion and give us your feedback by Tuesday April 1st, 2014.



NOTE: In these Proposals, whenever you see RegularJOE credited, it is because we are acknowledging his contribution to the piece. As we've always done, we have assigned a percentage and a value to this work and we welcome your feedback on that allocation. However, specific to this TV Production, RegularJOE's payment has been put back into the payout pool. His total allocation for this episode has been proportionally reallocated to all other contributors within this episode. That is why his payout values have been crossed out, and when you attempt to multiply any % share by the allocated value of the piece, the payout is a bit higher.



Here are some notes specific to the proposed profit distribution of certain records to help clarify how they are organized in these profit documents:

* Opening Monologue

This includes the Opening Monologue text record as well as the text records that were resourced in it. Additionally, Cutaway Videos, Green Screen Visuals, and Venue Slideshow Visuals that appear on screen in any background shots of venue footage are also included. Editor Influence credit was given to any contributing artists whose Video RECord edits influenced the final edit that appeared on the TV show.

* Opening Credits Sequence

This includes the Opening Titles, Opening Music and Introductions, and the Video Cutaways that are included during the opening credits. The Live Venue Footage that is featured in this sequence is resourced in the Opening Monologue profit splits.

* Capture the Flag

This appeared throughout the episode (Rules of the Game, Quarter 1, and Quarter 4) but for the purposes of the Profit Documents, it is listed as one RECord.

Created: Mar 04, 2014


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