There was a funeral in my heart today

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There was a funeral in my heart today


I burnt your effigy

And all the memories

I tried to burry

With a handful of forgetting

I tried to move on

But my mind was stopped

By the final procession

As all those happier times

Said their goodbyes

And faded from my memory

Slowly making their lasting marks

Like headstone etchings on my heart


There was a funeral in my heart today

As I closed my eyes

And tried to blink away

All my thoughts

From a better yesterday

But all the noises

From the procession as it passed

Wouldn’t allow me to

Oh- but there was a funeral

In my heart today

As all my hopes

On happier days

Were put to rest

And my poor little heart

All dressed

In its finest blacks

Made an appearance

Before it gave

Its feelings one final adieu

And my mind was left to bury the rest

As my heart

And its sentiments

Could no longer endure

The sight of the funeral in my heart today

Created: Mar 04, 2014

Tags: poetry

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