The woman in white

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As a natural shaman I was born with one foot in the physical and the other firmly planted on the other side. As a child I didn't know I was a shaman, that was something I would not learn until my mid teens and would not come to accept and embrace until I was an adult. This is one of my earliest memories of contact with a being some might view as a ghost.

When I was young, I spent a great deal of time alone. As an only child, I had to find ways to keep myself occupied. Sometimes, I would just sit and meditate. I didn’t know that what I was doing was meditating at the time of course, but as an adult looking back, I realized that is exactly what I did. If I wasn’t playing alone or meditating then I was reading. I don’t ever recall anyone teaching me how to read at such a young age (although my mother did read to me quite frequently), but I would spend hours from the age of 3 and on reading story books over and over again. One night (not long before my bedtime) while I was fully immersed in one of my many books, I had a visitor, a visitor that I would NEVER forget. Outside lightning flashed across the sky and thunder rumbled a low soothing roar. I have always loved thunder storms, they make me feel safe. Most of the kids I knew hated thunder storms, for some reason beyond my comprehension they frightened them. I didn’t try to make sense of why I felt comforted by the same things that brought terror to other children my age, I just enjoyed the moment and reveled in the display going on outside my window. My dog raisin, a small black wiener dog curled up on my lap as I read The Magic Grinder. As I sat there reading my book, a woman came into my doorway. At first, I thought she was a friend of my parents, as her hair is a similar color but I quickly realized that she was not that woman at all. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She had long flowing strawberry blond hair, eyes as bright as stars, and she wore a white gown. She had this strange glow about her that almost seemed to come from within her. She smiled at me and came into my room and started to talk to me. While she was there I felt totally at ease, as if being with her is not only natural, but exactly as it should be. There was this amazing feeling of love and a sense that I have never been safer in my life than when I was with her. The conversation seemed to go on for what felt like hours and finally my mother entered my doorway and asked me who I was talking to. I looked at her confused and asked her “Don’t you see her? She is standing right in front of you!” She just smiled and says “no” and proceeded to walk right through the woman and stood next to my bed and told me that she just came in to say goodnight and tuck me in. Then she just left, as if nothing unusual at all had just happened. After my mother left the room the woman came over to my bedside and told me that she had to go, and that I wouldn’t be able to remember anything we had discussed until the time is right. I asked her why, and she said “it’s just the way it has to be”. Then she vanished. She didn’t walk out of the room, she just sort of faded away. Apparently the time is still not right… I am still waiting for the rest of the visit to come back to me.

Created: Mar 03, 2014

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