Meaning of Free

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What is the definition of freedom?

Is it what you look up in a dictionary?

Is it what your mind can come up with on the spot?





Is it about living your life exactly how you'd like

Or is it about just feeling the wind on your skin as you sit on the beach and think of nothing

Or think about everything!

That what is means doesn't it?

That there is no one to decide anything for you

That you are your own person 

That you have the power to choose your own destiny.

I'm not really sure anymore

I feel freedom is limited

Everything is limited

And though most would like to believe that we are the master of our own lives

I feel that there will always be limitations

That there will always be certain circumstances that hinder us from doing everything we want all of the time

I believe that freedom is an ideal

An ideal that we call strive to achieve 

But there will always be limits

There will always be boundaries that we can not cross

Because destiny has its guidelines

And well if you don't believe 

Well you have the freedom to do so. 


Created: Mar 03, 2014

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