Future Findings

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day you're five and getting dropped
off for your first day of kindergarten. You make
new friends and open your young
eyes to new things and new opportunities.

The next you're
twelve, dealing with drama, boys, and
all the versions of
yourself that you start to think about late at night.

More time
passes. Friends come and
go, as do opportunists you're too scared to take, and affinities for
various hobbies.
I hope you find ones you stick with.

The road to yourself is a fairly
long, scary, winding road that at most times seems
more like a tunnel with a huge
boulder blocking the exit
rather than a road.
The road can sometimes be smooth,
albeit with other dangers alongside.
Travel with caution.

Many days wither away, many
are spent within good company with
good feelings.
Next thing you know you're
packing your bags and moving
out. Maybe just a couple
hours away, maybe
across the country.
Maybe a different

But wherever you end
up, I hope your future
findings are everything you
wanted them to be.
And remember, once
you reach the end
of the road,
there are still many roads
to travel and many
cities to visit.

Many roads
to travel and many
cities to visit.




Created: Mar 03, 2014

Tags: poem, self discovery, life, poetry, free-verse

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