RECfish Bumper #3 (.mov)

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1920x1080/23.98/HD/no audio/approx 00:05(ea)

Per the request of Ms. Anna Nimiti on my RECfish Bumper#2, I got back out of bed and made our RECfish burp out a REC button :) Thanks for the suggestion!

Claymation choices:

1. HROTV Branded;


3. NO BRAND (w/ FX); and

4. NO BRAND (raw).

Created: Mar 03, 2014

Tags: claymation, high definition, waves, resource, recfish, rec button, stop motion, effects, red rec button, b-roll, hrotv branded, animation, hitrecord branded, underwater, fish, clay, special effects, 16:9, hd, remix

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