O 'luring Harmony

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This is a world/folk song about the siren's call. Lyrics are provided below.

O'Luring Harmony

The sirens’ song lures them out

Each night upon the sea

A lover’s song to bring them round

O ‘luring harmony


They sail by stars, no lantern light

Will tell them where to go

Each man knows the way by heart

Taught to him long ago


Take to the sea and follow the sun

Where the waves are gold

There you’ll hear the siren’s song

Calling young and old


Come sail away upon the sea

Breathe in that salty air

You’ll find your peace here with me

Adventure if you dare


And the sirens lure each one about

To their rocky home

The ships dashed upon the rocks

The sailors in the foam


For few can fight the sirens’ call

To sail upon the sea

And pass beyond their deathly cry

O ‘luring harmony


Created: Mar 03, 2014


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