final resting place

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i saw you walking through the rubble, with my crossbow strapped to my back.

i know you are not the same game i used to play, before the War. Back when we could play games and not war. but you are similar enough that it brings back memories. for all intents and purposes, you might as well be the same machine.

i remember standing at you for hours, my friends crowded around, watching me. i don't like to brag, but i was one of the best. i idly tug at the joystick now, and a wave of nostalgia hits me. i can smell the greasy pizza and the sweat from the kids around me, the taste of the constant soda, so consistant that i might as well been on a drip of caffeine. i remember seeing you, when we were holed up in the pizza parlor while the sound of the battles roared around us. you held no charm at that moment, as you do now. you were a piece of innocence, lost in a roaring loss of naivete. 

i brush your console gently, resisting the urge to succumb to the overwhelming memories. i move on.

Created: Mar 03, 2014

Tags: prose, remix

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