Kina nursery (sketches)

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I'm not sure about the usefulness of releasing sketches rather than finished products but my enthusiasm is too strong to resist. I was just so  moved by the sounds of this small melody by joerud, which was inspired by a challenge from skriks, which was inspired by a photo by Kallee... so the pencil and pad had to RECord the images that came into my mind as I listened! They need to be done with real detail and color, and maybe a final moment of a bird's eye view of the eggs in the seaweed hammock... To me that creaking sound is the slow rattling and grinding of pebbles and shells along the seafloor as the swells above gently cause everything to sway. I wish I knew how to animate! Heck, I wish I knew how to stick the sound onto the image and release that. There's a lot I don't know.

And I found this on a Sunday, too. It seems fitting.

Created: Mar 02, 2014

Tags: ocean, rough draft, sea floor, drawing

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