'The Weathergirl gets how much?'

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Why question life or fate at all?

The Weathergirl has more luck

And she is paid quite well I'm sure

Confusing doesn't begin to describe it.


The Pier Head Pub fills with family and friends

My brother Richie home for a short visit

Fourteen years he has been in the states

God, he can't believe all the mad changes.


Theatrical stories are passed and great tales retold

Drinks are poured and drained

Flashes go off and hugs received

The time drags like you wouldn't believe.


What is it I find so hard about

Being around those I love

Questions, judgment, pitiful frowns

'Look, this is Richie's night, now leave me alone'.


Why question life or fate at all?

One answer will never quite fit it

So if you pray, take Sunday and indulge

If not, sure you can always go for a swim.

Created: Mar 02, 2014

Tags: poetry

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