Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be

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 Walking down the street

Just you and me

On a lazy afternoon

Staring at the moon

The stars come out

You tell me all your doubts

I calm you down

And get rid of that frown



Oh Oh Oh

There’s nowhere else I would rather be

Than hand in hand, just you and me

There’s no one else I’d rather kiss

No one else I’d really miss

There’s nothing else I’d rather do

Than tell you all the reasons I love you


Listening to our song

On the radio

On a summer night

Feeling alright

My head on your chest

As you lie there and rest

Your heartbeat slows

To the rhythm it goes


(Chorus Repeats)


You know we’ve been through more than I can tell you in a song

It’s hard to think of the rights and all the wrongs

But with you and me we’re together through it all

We know we’ll catch each other if we fall


Chorus Repeats

Created: Mar 02, 2014

Tags: lyrics, song

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