Elizabeth Jane

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High school, a bredding zone for stereotypes. You have your jocks, preps, drama kids, stoners, and many more. Robb's the name, and I'm about to turn this adolescent world upisde down. See, our stereotypes are cages, walls, barriers. You can't leave them. However, I am about to attempt the unthinkable. All for love. For love, the meathead jock with break over into the "weirdos", the "wall flowers", call them what you like. Elizabeth Jane is her name. Always pushing her ebony hair in front of her face, so that it covers the honey brown, pratically golden irises. Elizabeth Jane. The name just feels right on my lips. It just fits. I can't help but want her, the girl void of color. Minus of course, the slim red string that she wraps round and round her left ring finger. Yes, these wallas are about to explode and once they do the star basketball player,me, will have this girl. The shy girl with the red string. The mysterious beauty. Elizabeth Jane. 

Created: Mar 02, 2014

Tags: young love, fiction, short story, dialogue, high school, inner monologue, secrets, story, stereotypes, teen love, jock, love

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