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On a trip focused on children's dentistry with USC's Doctors Out To Care program, Rennaker penned Sunrise during a moment of profound reflection brought on by observing a sky full of crimson and pink one morning in the middle of Bakersfield, CA. Written in a time affected by the separation from his own children, Sunrise layers together the uncertainty of unfulfilled promises of love and security, that view of the pink sky, and the suspense of waiting for all of life's pieces to come together. "That morning, when I polished off all the lyrics and had them written down on a piece of paper, I had to leave before I got to actually see the sunrise," explained Rennaker. With this simple summation, it is evident that the magic of Sunrise stems from the connection that forms as the listener is also left to wonder if the silence will ever break, if the universe will lend another story to follow, and if the sunrise ever does reach the hopeful eyes that had searched for and awaited its arrival.

Created: Mar 01, 2014

Tags: music, indie, rock, los angeles, alternative, sunrise, love, kiltergrey

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