The monster says

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You liveless child of light
You really thought you could belong
In this world full of shadows?

We both know you were right
And all along the world was wrong
But now it doesn't matter

You were never wanted here
It had been better had you not
Been born and me with you

Hide your light
In my darkness
Hold your love
In my anguish
We'll feel nothing

Let me be pain
So you can't hurt
Let me be broken
So you can't break
Let me place hope
Just out of reach
So you'll be free

Cry your tears
Shed your blood 

Release your dreams




Show me who

I need to be

I read "A Healing Self" by Mottelz and somehow it stuck with me and together with the image "A Fading Self" by Gyllenmaya inspired me to try and give words to something I am not sure of. A voice to the monster, a voice to my monster, somehow it feels very vulnerable.

Created: Mar 01, 2014

Tags: poetry, monster, child, cry, pain, light, darkness, not belonging, hiding, hope, identity

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