Psy Scratch II - The Vinyl Revisted

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Psy Scratch II - The Vinyl Revisted

I had so much fun creating the original Psy Scratch that I now wanted to see if I could give it another attempt by using the same themes of vinyl, but using a new theme. So I expermented with some older trance styles to see what would happen.

Though to be honest, the end result ended up becoming more perky in my opinion. It is still takes aspects from the first Psy Scratch, but with more of a faster movement and youthful energetic pop than the slower, mellower pace that trance has; kind of like a hyperactive little sister copying his much older brother.

So let hear what little sister vinyl came up with. Cheers!

Created: Mar 01, 2014

Tags: psy, synth, vinyl, sister, scratch, electronic pop

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