An Accusation

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I'm not speaking. You are thinking.
I'm not even here.

You don’t look ugly when you cry.
You couldn’t look ugly if you tried.
You should try it sometime.
It’ll make you feel alive.

You should look up more.
Way up, craning your neck up, till the sky is below your chin up.
You don’t walk in the dark enough.
You’re not as boring as you act.
You’re a good actor.
You don’t hate them as much as you want to.
You don't see them as much as you ought to.

You have written poetry before.
Your dreams are worth painting.
You sing in your sleep.

You know more about it than anyone.
Everyone should hear that thing you know.
You know at least thirty languages.
Your body talks through your skin.

Frame your own doodles.
Dig through your storage.
Let your right arm go limp.
Hold your right arm up with your left.
The world can’t get enough of you.
There’s something you still need to do.
Do it because you want to.
Want to because you haven’t.

Those dreams you have are epic.
That world on the bus, in the car, in the shower, in bed, while cleaning, while walking-
Take me through a tour of that world.

Created: Feb 28, 2014

Tags: motivation, free-verse, lyrics, poetry

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