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If there are ideas or collabs similar to this and I haven't seen it, I apologize for the repetition and not citing the source.

My friends and I have had this debate many times on what's our preference; digital or traditional art. There are a lot of visual artists here on hitRECord, and I was curious how many stick to the good old fashion pencil and paper, or how many switched to a tablet and stylus. Or do you use both? I've also wondered how many photographers out there still use/miss film and dark rooms; or are you grateful for the digital camera age?

At the end of the day we all know art is art no matter how it's made. Still, I think it's an interesting topic. Maybe we could open the discussion by pulling back the curtain on our individual artistic process, and share our reasons for why we use what we use. We could also talk about the miss conceptions of both mediums. There might be some new art students who don't feel the need to practice their traditional skills (which is silly by the way). Maybe there are some practiced artists who feel going digital is like cheating? I'd love to know anyone's opinions, whether you're a visual artist or not.

We could always take it beyond the visual art realm, and talk about our entire digital age. Is it working for us? Maybe you have a love/hate thing about it? I'm sure there are a lot of interesting stories out there regarding this idea, so I'd love to hear them.

Created: Feb 28, 2014

Tags: projects old and new, theme

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