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His grip is sudden and unexpected.  Deep in my chest between my breasts his vice like hold tightens.  His emerald eyes draw my gaze.  Just when I thought I was happy with my lot, he shows up flashing me his familiar gold caped grin.  A jesters smile and I'm the punch line.  Here I sat feeling satisfied, knowing that what I had was good.  What more could I ask for?  He shuffles his deck of jokers to make it look legit, but the card he deals is always the same should you accept a hand from him.  When he rears his ugly head taunting me with the mirage, his drink is cool and sweet and I'm so parched.  I drink deep and I'm left with my mouth full of sand, choking me, leaving grit evermore in my teeth.  His coyote howl reminds me that there is always something more to want.  My shiny prize has tarnished and faded, diminished next to the thought of the one that is not mine.  My contentment is broken, my focus has blurred, the old trickster has done it again.  And off he saunters his purpose fulfilled.  He leaves me to my misguided covetousness and swaggers on in search of the next fool who will desire what isn't theirs to have.



Created: Feb 28, 2014


SarahScott Document Media