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"Sometimes I like to stare at the sky," I told her, "It reminds me that I'm small."

"Why would you want to feel small?" She inquired, as she lay down on the cool grass beside me.

"Well," I replied, "When you're big, everybody sees you, and everybody judges you. You're a target for hatred and blame. When you're small, however, nobody notices you. You can do the things that you enjoy, like listen to music, or just see if you can hear the things that the stars have to say."

"You listen to stars?" She asked, suppressing a giggle

"Of course I do. Stars have stories, but you can only hear them if you listen with your heart."

"Uh-huh. And do these stars tell you other things? Do you hear them telling you to hurt people?"


"I know you think I'm crazy, but I'm not. If you just close your eyes and listen with your heart, you can hear them. Sometimes they sing, and sometimes they weep, and sometimes silence is all they speak."


"You're sounding like a crazy person."


""I know. Will you just close your eyes and listen? Do you trust me?"


She closes her eyes and fell silent.


"I CAN HEAR THEM!" She exclaims, jumping up, only to realize that I am but a star.




















Created: Feb 28, 2014

Tags: dialogue, fiction, story

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